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Pool Maintenance in Jacksonville, FL

Swimming Pool Maintenance in Jacksonville, FL

FLORIDA BONDED POOLS specializes in swimming pool maintenance in Jacksonville, FL. We take the everyday tasks for maintaining your pool right out of your hands, so you can simply enjoy your backyard oasis. Our ongoing service program ensures that your pool will be balanced, clean, and ready for a refreshing dip. Pool cleaning services are available on a weekly or biweekly basis, so contact us today.

Service and Cleaning

From fiberglass swimming pools to the more traditional pools, we are capable of servicing and maintaining them all. Our highly trained service and cleaning technicians are passionate about our company and the job they do. In fact, our service technicians are experts in pool chemistry, pump replacement or repair, filter replacement, heater repair, as well as many other swimming pool issues we see on a daily basis.

When an unexpected issue arises, our technicians have the experience to troubleshoot the problem quickly and bring your pool back to top form. Additionally, we watch the water level in your swimming pool because a reading out of the normal range could indicate there is a leak. Rely on us to help maintain your pool by:

Pool Services in Jacksonville, FL
  • Keeping Chlorine Levels in the Proper Range
  • Backwashing Filter (If Needed)
  • Brushing Pool Tile (If Needed)
  • Emptying Automatic Cleaner Bags or Pump Filter Basket
  • Providing Green Pool Cleanups (Neglected or Algae-Filled Pools)
  • Checking Chemicals
  • Cleaning Skimmer Baskets
  • Skimming Pool with Net
  • Vacuuming Pool
  • Cleaning Filter Cartridge

Corrective Repairs

Restore the functionality of your swimming pool equipment with pool repairs from our technicians. From pool heaters to plumbing leaks and motor changes, rest assured that your work will be completed right the first time and at a fair price.

You can also call us for services related to pool inspections, filter evaluations, and energy-efficiency opportunities. With today's upgraded equipment, many customers are changing over to more energy efficient pool equipment, which saves money down the road.

Pool Cleaning in Jacksonville, FL

Head Back to Pool School

FLORIDA BONDED POOLS wants you to feel comfortable and secure in owning and operating your pool. Every pool we sell includes "Pool School" — a comprehensive training program on how to get the most from your pool. This added benefit ensures a lifetime of enjoyment — without the hassles — from your swimming pool.

When someone purchases a new home or business with a pool sometimes they don't know how to care for their new pool. We teach our clients on how to use accessories, how to change filters, and how to keep their pools clean with chemicals and skimming. We come to your property to provide a complete tutorial on how to use and care for your pool.